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        DFA series :Note that the DFA-series force gauges are replaced by (yet is still completely compatible with) chatillon's new DFS series force gauges

        DFA series

        Note that the DFA-series force gauges are replaced by
        (yet is still completely compatible with)
        chatillon's new DFS series force gauges

        The DFA series features an integral load cell with force measurement accuracy of +/-0.15% of full scale. All models feature RS232 serial data and MITUTOYO communications and an internal sampling rate of 10,000 Hz. The DFA series is ideal for critical applications where capturing precise peak readings are required. Other features include the ability to store as many as 1000 test readings in as many as 99 batches. The gauge also features programmable high and low setpoints, pushbutton calibration and an analog output for graphing the force curve. All gauges feature user-selectable force units in oz, lbs, g, kg and N. A large, easy to ready LCD display indicates current and peak values, gauge settings and gauge status. A selectable auto shutoff feature helps to preserve battery life.


        DFA series force gauges are ideally suited for complex force measurement applications. Combined with our powerful NEXYGEN GAUGE software, they provide users with an easy-to-use data acquisition and force measurement analysis system. Gauges come with accessories, battery charger and carrying case.

        This gauge is also available with an interchangeable remote load cell (DFA-R-ND)

        When integrated with a Chatillon TCD-200, TCM-201, or LTCM-6 digitally controlled test stand, the DFA becomes the heart of an extremely versatile testing system.

        • Simple to setup, operate and maintain
        • NEXYGEN Software option for automating reporting and testing
        • Self diagnostics
        • Powerful data management
        • 10,000Hz sampling rate
        • Memory: 1000 readings in 99 batches
        • Export results to Excel, Access or Word
        • RS232 Serial data and MITUTOYO communications
        • Overload capacity - 110% of rated capacity
        • Accuracy - +/-0.15% of full scale

        Chatillon Ametek DFA Force Gauge - Specs


        Capacity x Graduation



        8 oz x 0.004 oz


        250 g x 0.1 g

        2.5 N x 0.001 N


        2 lb x 0.0002 lb


        1 kg x 0.0001 kg

        10 N x 0.001 N

        32 oz x 0.004 oz

        1000 g x 0.1 g


        10 lb x 0.001 lb


        5 kg x 0.0005 kg

        50 N x 0.005 N

        160 oz x 0.02 oz

        5000 g x 0.5 g


        50 lb x 0.005 lb


        25 kg x 0.002 kg

        250 N x 0.2 N

        800 oz x 0.1 oz

        20000 g x 2 g


        100 lb x 0.01 lb


        50 kg x 0.005 kg

        500 N x 0.05 N

        1600 oz x 0.2 oz

        50000 g x 5 g

        DFA series chatillon 其它品牌