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        simpson SE編碼器

        simpson se-060,se-100,se-120,se-360,se-600編碼器,品牌:辛普森(SIMPSON),雙重- 橋編碼器的 simpson SE 求積, SE 求積雙重- 橋編碼器結合*大多數的 routinelyused 特征在一個標準的裝置 ,

        simpson se-060,se-100,se-120,se-360,se-600編碼器,品牌:辛普森(SIMPSON),

        雙重- 橋編碼器的 simpson SE 求積, SE 求積雙重- 橋編碼器結合*大多數的routinelyused 特征在一個標準的裝置 ,

        simpson SEQuadrature Dual-Shaft Encoders,編碼器.

        The SEQuadrature Dual-Shaft Encoders combine the mostroutinelyused

        features in onestandard device, and are available with aselection

        of fivedifferent resolutions(pulses/revolution).

        The cube-styleunit uses an infrared light source andprecision

        mechanicalcomponents to provide exact, repeatablecounts.

        Mounting theencoder is quick and easy using the pre-drilled holesin

        the baseflange, or the housing mounting holes located at eachshaft

        output. Thisencoder can be used as a direct replacement forother

        brand encoders,with no blind holes to drill. The double-ended,flatkeyed

        shaft permits achoice of mounting positions. Chromesteel

        bearingsprovide 20% longer life than stainless steelbearings.

        To aid introubleshooting, LEDs are located directly on the bodyto

        instantlyverify correct output operation. Quadrature output isstandard

        and can beexternally scaled to provide any engineering unit(RPM,

        angularposition, feet/min., etc.). Gold-plated connectors ensuremaximum

        signaltransfer. Very low power consumption; typicalcurrent

        draw, 35mA @15DCV.


        System OKLED,

        operation/verification on trouble



        12-28 DCV -35mA@ 15DCV typical

        High noiseimmunity

        Short circuitprotection

        Reversepolarity protection


        Square wavewith 50%

        duty cycle 0 -10,000 pulse/sec.


        Housing--ruggedanodized aluminum

        ShaftRotation--either direction

        ShaftSpeed--6,000 RPM max.

        Shaft--stainless steel

        Bearings--heavy-duty chrome steel

        Load--30lbs.radial; 10lbs. axial


        32°F to149°F (0-65°C)


        simpson SE編碼器 se-060,se-100,se-120,se-360,se-600編碼器 其它品牌