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        DFX Series,Chatillon Force Gauge

        DFX Series,chatillon Force Gauge DFX Series,Chatillon Force Gauge,珠??茽栠~測試設備有限公司5年專業代理銷售經驗與技術服務The CHATILLON? DFX Series

        DFX Series,chatillon Force Gauge
        DFX Series,Chatillon Force Gauge,珠??茽栠~測試設備有限公司5年專業代理銷售經驗與技術服務The CHATILLON® DFX Series
        Chatillon® DFX Series
        Digital Force Gauge

        The CHATILLON® DFX Series is an economical digital force gauge ideal for applications where users are interested in basic peak force measurement. The DFX is available in four capacities (10lbf, 50 lbf, 100 lbf, 200 lbf) and features an integral loadcell with a measurement accuracy of better than 0.5% full scale. The DFX Series operates using two (2) 9Vdc alkaline batteries or using the standard battery eliminator. The battery eliminator is supplied with a US, UK and EURO style plug. Under battery operation, the DFX Series will operate for over 120 hours of continuous use. A large, easy-to-read, high resolution dot matrix LCD display supports a variety of standard gauge functions including normal and peak readings.. Loads are displayed in ozf, gf, lbf, kgf and N units. The display language may be setup to indicate in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese. The DFX Series’ calibration procedure in included in the gauge’s setup. The DFX Series force gauges come with a carrying case, battery eliminator, flat and hook adapters. The DFX Series is supplied with an optional Certificate of Calibration with NIST data.

        The DFX may also be supplied with special attachments for use in ergonomic, functional capacity, job task analysis or physical assessment and therapy applications. Click here for information.

        Standard Gauge Measurement Functions

        • Normal Tensile and Compression Measurement
        • Peak Tension and Compression Measurement

        Models - DFX Series (with Calibration Certificate)

        160 x 0.2
        5000 x 5
        10 x 0.01
        5 x 0.005
        50 x 0.05
        800 x 1
        25,000 x 20
        50 x 0.05
        25 x 0.02
        250 x 0.2
        1600 x 2
        50,000 x 50
        100 x 0.1
        50 x 0.05
        500 x 0.5
        200 x 0.2
        100 x 0.1
        1000 x 1

        The DFX Series replaced these force gauge models:

        - Chatillon DFM Series

        DFX Series,Chatillon Force Gauge DFX Series,Chatillon Force Gauge 其它品牌